​Central Entry

Wild West Rodeo click here for DRAW.
You MUST fill out the membership form found on our membership tab. DO NOT e-mail, text, or fax your paperwork. You will use the automated online system found on the membership tab. If you use the online system you can become a member or have your membership renewed and activated immediately. Just follow the procedure outlined. If you choose to mail your membership form and check through the USPS then you will need to allow 3-5 days for your membership to be activated.



Open team ropers please chat with your partner before you enter to make sure you put in the same header/heeler combination in Open team roping #1 and Open team roping #2.  You must switch ends or change partners to enter in both.
Senior team ropers must both be seniors. You can only enter this event once.
Pro/Am team ropers must have 1 partner age 14 or under (junior or less). You can only enter this event one time.
You will use your member number that has been assigned to you. Click the events you want to enter, be sure to enter your header/heeler position and your partner's number as well. You are now allowed to enter the open team roping twice as long as you switch ends or partners.
Click the box agreeing to the MHSC terms and click next.
You will see your entries, click proceed to pay.
You will get an e-mail confirmation numbers to verify you are entered.

Online Entry Only -- Entries Close at 11:59 p.m. the Monday prior to the Rodeo! 

DRAW OUT — 48 hours prior to rodeo via email to Entry Coordinator Patty Mosset at mhsc_entries@outlook.com

You Can now  pay your entry fee online!

Entry Guidance

Entry must occur through the online system using your membership number assigned upon submission of your membership application. FIND YOUR MEMBERSHIP NUMBER BY USING THE LINK ON THE ENTRY FORM.

If you are a new member a number will be assigned to you after your liability and membership forms is received.

MHSC membership is required to enter and compete. All 2020 membership and liability forms need be up to date prior to the entering.

STEP 1) Please fill out forms and upload your signed documents through the following link: https://entry.kcirodeo.net/document/add/MHSC

The document must be a pdf or jpeg to uplod.


STEP 2) You will then submit your payment online at: http://entry.kcirodeo.net/entry/std/Entryform.aspx?Association=MHSC&Show=202202041

Contestant must be a paid (eligible) member to complete this online entry

form.  If your name does not populate when you enter you contestant number, message Mandan Horse and Saddle Club on Facebook or email Entry Coordinator Patty Mosset at mhsc_entries@outlook.com for instructions on how to enter, you will then be instructed to select a membership while entering. 

DRAW OUT — 48 hours prior to rodeo via email to entry coordinator. Draw out fees required if less than 48-hr notification given, unless contestant has vet or medical release.

TEAM ROPING ENTRIES if your partner has entered you, your entry will pre-populate when you log in to enter. HOWEVER YOU MUST STILL COMPLETE THE ENTRY FORM.

PRO-AM Team ropers --- AT LEAST one person on the team must be 14 years of age or younger.  (both contestants may be 14 years of age or younger.