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  1. Contestant must be a member to compete.

  2. Entries close the Monday prior to each rodeo at 11:59 p.m.

  3. The MHSC is using the RodeoReady app in 2024 to receive family rodeo entries, create daysheets, and report results.

  4. Rodeo Ready receives a fee equal to 5% of each contestant's entry fees + $0.35 per event entered.

  5. Rodeo Ready charges a one-time nominal fee to register as an MHSC member on the app. Once registered, you can enter the rodeo competitions.

  6. The MHSC reduced its office/admin fee to $5 per contestant for 2023.

  7. Team Ropers

    • May enter Open twice with a change in partners or roles.​

    • ProAm: At least one partner must be from the junior division or under.

  8. For entry questions, text Entry Coordinator Kerry Mosset at 701-321-0284.

  9. ​​​DRAW OUT — 48 hours prior to rodeo via email to Entry Coordinator Kerry Mosset at

    • If you draw out within 48 hours of the rodeo, entry fees will not be reimbursed unless contestant has vet or medical release.


For video tutorials on how to use the app, visit this link:


Apple phone users:

Install the free RodeoReady for iOS App from the App Store.


Android phone users:

The RodeoReady for Android App will be available shortly.  In the interim, you can access rodeo schedules, draws, and results on web page found at  When the Android App is available, your account will be transferred to you.

Installing the App

To begin, you will need to install the free RodeoReady App on your iPhone or iPad.  Go to the Apple Store and search for “RodeoReady”.  Either tap on the App Store icon on your device or use this link: . When you first load the App, you will use your Apple ID to sign into the App by tapping the Sign in with Apple button. We recommend that you allow RodeoReady to use your location by tapping "Allow While Using App" and Allow RodeoReady to send you notifications.

Web-based version

You will need to sign in with a Google account.

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