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Available during events at the Dale Pahlke Arena at the Dakota Community Bank and Trust Rodeo Grounds. Please keep in mind there are car races most Friday nights and other activities at the adjacent Dacotah Speedway.


Horse pens, $20 per night, 56 in total, 10X10 feet,  one horse per pen, uncovered, no bedding provided. Once rental agreement and payment are received, the renter/horse owner will receive pen number(s) and combination(s) to lock(s). Payment required via PayPal. Add on 3% for the online processing fee.

Rental requirements:

  1. Self clean-up using manure dumping area; $50 fine for failure to do so.

  2. Remove all manure, hay and bedding from pen before leaving facility and return pen to original condition. Re-lock the pen gate using the combination lock and chain.

  3. Pen waste and waste from horse trailers must be dispensed of in designated dumping sites.

  4. No penning of horses in camping areas with utilities.




Arena Address: 2428 Longspur Trail SE, Mandan, N.D.

Driving Directions. From Memorial Highway (the “Strip”), turn at McDonald's onto 3rd St SE, then 24th Ave SE.

Arena & Facility Layout

Guidance: For Facility Use, Parking, Camping, Penning of Horses & Manure Clean-Up

Camping Info

For the high school rodeos, use this link

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